Based on the 2022 Qatar World Cup participants (confirmed and expected countries), I tried my own combination for fun [feat. Naver ladder game]


The draw for the 2022 Qatar World Cup will be held at 1 a.m. on April 2nd (Saturday) based on Korean time.(Excited! Excited! Expecting! Frustrated!) Two countries to be decided in the intercontinental playoffs and one of the European Patha postponed by the situation in Ukraine (these countries to be decided late will go into port 4)!) It seems that a draw will be held for the remaining 29 countries with a total of 3 countries left.

There are still one or two games left for each continent, but I will decide which country I expect to advance to!Let’s take a look at them one by one… Asia, South America, North and Central America and Oceania Asia have already been confirmed in four countries: South Korea, Japan, Iran and Saudi Arabia!3rd place in Group A and Group B. The winning team among the United Arab Emirates and Australia will probably be ranked 5th in South America? I’m going to play Peru..

Source: Namwiki

But I think Peru will win… (South America is Brazil, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay pick!!)!!North and Central America will advance to Canada (abuse), the United States, and Mexico! +0.5 is probably Panama.. In Oceania, New Zealand seems to be coming up, but Panama doesn’t…(Panama pick!!)*Reference: New Zealand ranked 104th

Europe*Confirmed Countries: Belgium, France, England, Spain, Denmark, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia and Serbia

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My pick for the other three countries is Portugal! Sweden! Wales!


Source: FIFA Dotcom Africa picks Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Ghana and Egypt!!Will it be…?

This is the World Cup I’ve decided on!!Organize your own 2022 Qatar World Cup Group using Naver Ladder Game. FIFA Ranking as of March 26

Qatar is marked 0 as host country, actual ranking 50th FIFA ranking standard port assignment Wales Peru Panama to 4 ports~~

Let’s see what’s so interesting about this. I’ll use Excel

Just like the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, the draw was made up of 1-4 ports from 8 countries based on FIFA ranking. Based on that, the result of the draw is… Naver ladder game



The host country Qatar is the top seed in Group A, and the other top seed countries in Group A areThere is one more condition to choose a two-port country, but there must be two European countries in Group A to Group E! There are 13 European participants, so one or two countries must enter each group!So I divided the 2 ports and 3 ports Europe and chose them first..You couldn’t capture this whole result…European country in 2 ports!A Denmark/B Netherlands/C Germany/D Croatia/E SwitzerlandEven the European country in 3 ports and Wales which I have already decided!!*4 pots in Wales2-Port North-Central/South AmericaWhy is Asia/Africa the only port left..Finally, 4 port countries..The continents overlapped and we started over several times…the results are as follows…▼▼▼▼▼The combination of the 2002 Qatar World Cup, which was chosen by NAVER,I’m sorry, but..The absolutely, the port that remains in the Netherlands, which remains in the Netherlands, and it’s true to Algeria! 3/31 FIFA ranking (see criteria) is true!If you don’t watch this! How much is the results of the combination lottery…If I’m asking me… I’m not interesting in Iran..I think that everyone wants to see the captain handshake写真:Fauzan Saari on UnsplashBy the way, it’s not easy to get into the World Cup… Korea is doing its best!I’m looking forward to any country!!화이팅!!! World Cup Qatar 2022 FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. fifa.com National Team Ranking – LIVE FIFA Football Ranking Calculator – LIVE – Rank/Points are updated National Team Ranking – LIVE FIFA Football Ranking Calculator – LIVE – Rank/Points are updated National Team Ranking – LIVE FIFA Football Ranking Calculator – LIVE – Rank/Points are updated

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